Sneak Peak: What are the 2017 male hair trends?



Naz has become an expert during his many years in the business, and he now runs the hugely successful Naz Zeneldeen Gentlemen’s Grooming Club in Fulham.


Like a sleek look? Then slicked back hair might be for you. The style has already established itself as an important trend and we predict it’ll continue in 2017. It works in the office and it works in the evening. A good gel is essential to give that polished look – and to keep everything in place no matter what the day throws at you. The easiest way to distribute gel evenly is to add it to a comb before styling your hair.

How to get the look:

With slicked back hair it pays to take a bit of time in the morning to get it looking good. If you let your hair reach the shoulders it won’t be easy to keep it sleek, so wear it short around the back and sides. And remember, this is a sleek and sharp look, so keep your side burns and hair-line in trim and well groomed.


But 2017 hairstyles certainly won’t be all smooth and razor-sharp – look out for the tousled fringe. This can be quite a dramatic look, and one of its selling points is that it can be styled differently from day to day.

How to get the look:

Keep it fairly long – you need a bit of length to have something to play with. Depending on your hair type and how fine it is, a good stylist may choose to chop into the hair, giving it a serrated edge which is easier to separate. That’s done with product, which you should add to the fringe last, so it’s not weighed down and greasy-looking.


This look is even more about texture, which is a big trend in men’s hair. A ruffled style is easier to achieve than you might think, and works on shorter and longer lengths.

How to get the look:

You just need to give a little spritz of salt spray into your hair, scrunch it, and then let it air-dry. How your stylist cuts it will depend on the length, but ruffled hair will always be layered and textured.


Yes, that’s 90s classic is making a comeback – although it’s cooler than some we saw back then! For one thing, this time round it normally has a tapered back and sides – while still keeping the length on top. This also makes it more versatile, because you can leave it hanging loose for a textured softer finish, or groom the top for when you need a neater look.

How to get the look:

Use a salt spray and allow it to air-dry. Your hair needs at least 6 inches on top for curtains, and beware, because it isn’t a look that suits all face-shapes – your stylist can advise you.


This style’s been big on the catwalks, so we think it’s definitely going to start filtering down to the street in 2017. As long as you keep it neat, you can play around a bit with military cuts to make them fit with some of the other looks we’ve highlighted here. For example, you can have some texture in the longer hair on top.

How to get the look:

This is the easiest of these styles to get, because it’s really a classic short back and sides with a longer disconnected length on top. 0207 384 2791 Media and press enquiries to: Emma-Louise O’Neill -

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