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NZ ‘Luxury Hot Towel Shave’

Using of some of the finest English shaving products (D.R. HARRIS) and the best equipment on today’s market, we have created an experience that cannot be duplicated by any other method. It includes a scrub, deep cleanse, the traditional shave, hydration massage, hot towel and a cooling refreshing tonic.


Express Shave (20min)

Hot Towel Shave with D.R. Harris products, including cleanse and aftershave balm.


Beard, Moustache Shape & Contour


Beard & Moustache Trim


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Male Grooming, Shaving and Trimming.

We offer a premium, luxury wet shave service. Operating from our Fulham premises, we cleanse, exfoliate and treat the skin before providing an outstanding quality of shave. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, hot towels, a traditional straight razor and the best traditional shave in London.

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